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Ministry Leader

Stephanie Gonter

"Bethany did a brilliant job of taking a vision God have us for a topic and finding example after example that related to our girls in Scripture. She eloquently conveyed the message that God put on her heart. We really felt like each message was full of meat and potatoes, and we as adults learned just as much as the teenagers did!"


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Certified Professional Life Coach

Group Facilitator 

Award-Winning Inspirational Speaker

Bethany Boring




Step Out & Thrive


Accepting invitations for groups, churches, camps, organizations, and conferences. 

Physical and virtual events are more than welcome! 


For local events, the booking fee starts at $100 and for ministry events and activities, packages can be adjected. For out-of-county and out-of-state events, the fee is determined on travel expenses and the size of the event. We work together to keep your budget and passion overflowing together. 

Authentic and Inspirational

Are you looking for a speaker to share God's Word as well as her struggles and real-life experiences? From her journey with vision loss and a short right arm to skydiving from 10,000 feet in the air, Bethany has a way of helping her audience experience God's Truth in life-changing ways. 


Participants come to events to receive something that they believe that they want. God meets us right at our deepest needs. Bethany will walk alongside you and your planning team as you pray and listen to God together. We want God to move in new ways beginning with the planning process. 

Listening To God + Authenticity + Experience

= A Life-Changing Event!



  • -Has a Bachelors Degree in Youth & Family Ministry, Bible 
  • - Is a Distinguished Toastmasters International Award-Winning Speaker 
  • - Is experienced with speaking in front of youth, young adults, parents,     leadership, small groups, and large corporate events. 
  • - Has been speaking publicly since 2001 and has completed over 235 events internationally.

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