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Certified Professional Life Coach

Group Facilitator 

Award-Winning Inspirational Speaker

Bethany Boring



Step Out & Thrive

Step out. Don't burn out.

Equipping Christian mental health leaders to be the MORE
that God has already made you to be!



Burnout in the mental health field is at an all-time high. Step Out & Thrive is the only mental health coaching ministry with both one-on-one and intimate, small-group formats. If you are a Christian counselor, coach, and/or mental health professional, this can be your safe place to connect deeply and grow. 


Looking for a passionate and engaging speaker for your next event? Bethany works with various churches, organizations, and groups. Bring new ways of thinking about trauma, freedom, emotional regulation, hope, and even team building to your next event! With both humor and Christ's impact, Bethany is the perfect speaker!

Community & Resources

Step Out & Thrive is a community of brave men and women of God, who agree to show up authentically in our messy journey of freedom and healing. Resources that have been helpful along the way can be found here. 

Dare to do more than just survive, 

Step Out & Thrive


Dare to do more

You are a courageous survivor. You are strong. You have a story. You are so incredibly valuable right now just as you are (and I know that may be hard to believe). You have walked through so much. I see you. You are not alone. 

Than just survive

I know the hurt you carry deep inside. I know how hard it can be to sleep at night. What if the way you experience life right now could change? What if it was more than just sleeping through the night but really living everyday? 

Step out

Do you remember the little kid that lives deep inside of you? The one that smiled in the mirror, danced when nobody was watching and laughed so hard your cheeks would hurt? That kid is still alive, in you and ready to step out in new ways.


You can THRIVE (Through Him Receive Impossible Victories Everyday). It requires a new way of thinking, experiencing, receiving, containing and broadcasting what God is doing in and through you. There is more. Are you ready?

What others are saying...

 "...Bethany repeatedly defended me from shame's voice. This is the first time someone has tackled this so specifically in my life and spoken such life into me by defending me so firmly. It truly felt like God was speaking through her..."


Anna Smit