God has called you into leadership, but He never commanded you to lead alone. 


But here you are. 



More volunteers are needed. 

You are distracted by those closest to you. 

You feel numb inside. 

Are you going to fall apart? 

Does anyone notice that you are barely making it through the day? 




There is hope and there is a better way. 


Add in your info below to download my free workbook to help you assess burnout's presence in your life and action steps you can take today to begin moving forward! 


You are seen.

You are heard.

You are not alone. 


Let's step out together! 


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Bethany Boring




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What others are saying...

 "Bethany is the real deal. Whether she is speaking to a crowd, facilitating a group, or coaching one-on-one, she does this thing that makes you feel safe, understood, and fully loved by God. She is a safe place to just be me, no matter what I'm walking through. I know interacting with Bethany leaves me better than when I came."


Bre Waltman

Toastmasters International