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The deepest and most impactful coaching relationships begin with a safe connection all-around. I offer complimentary Discovery sessions for clients interested in taking that next step. You will complete an intake packet and during our time together we will see if you are ready to move forward. 

Let's take the first step together.

  • Face-to-face and Zoom sessions are both available 
  • Book 1 session or up to 3 sessions at the same time. 
  • Assessments, supportive resources, and opportunities to connect with others
  • Coaching scholarships are available to assist those with financial needs


Stop trying to just survive.

Step Out & Thrive!


Step Out & Thrive Ministries wants to reach as many as possible that desire to discover the more that God has already created them to be. That's why all coaching sessions are offered with scholarship options for those who may need financial assistance. For more information, please visit the BOOKING PAGE

Financial Scholarships Available

For one-on-one clients, you have complete control over your session. You set the pace. You set the goals. We work together to help you clarify and state your needs and your desires. You are not alone. You are seen. You are heard. You are valuable. This time is for you.

Focused On Your Needs And Your Goals

Healing is a process. I know, that sentence is hard to swallow. But here's the good news. One-on-one coaching and group coaching opportunities offer safe places to process, think differently, and heal on your time and in your way. 

A Safe Place

To Heal

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Freedom Sessions  -  Abuse Recovery  -  Addiction Recovery  -  Life Restoration

Step Out & Thrive

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Certified Professional Life Coach

Group Facilitator 

Award-Winning Inspirational Speaker

Bethany Boring


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My time with Bethany was educational and so much fun! She helped me understand my personality type as well as how I relate to others. The information she shared with me has helped me to better understand and empathize with others as well as understand my own responses to life's events. This knowledge has helped me make some healthier choices in my life, too. I have really enjoyed looking through the lens of the enneagram- and Bethany helped me understand it even better!

Victoria Smith

Videographer at Rock Paper Simple

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