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LK10 is a movement of joy-fueled and Jesus-led people from around the world that desire to see vibrant families of Jesus within reach of everyone around the globe. Bethany is honored to serve as a facilitator with this community and continues to pray for others to partner together with this movement. 

THI offers a unique method of trauma healing through proven mental health practices and connecting with God and the Bible. Bethany is honored to facilitate groups through THI and actively supports this ministry's global impact. 

Lifepoint Church desires for everyone to be changed by God's Word, encouraged by His people and touched by His presence. Bethany serves as the assistant children's director overseeing the elementary ministry and special events. Bethany also enjoys helping in the freedom and care ministry and can be seen rocking out on the drums on Sunday mornings!

Resources For Everyone!

Bethany uses Book Like A Boss (see the booking website here) to manage coaching sessions, special groups, and events. She recommends them for their ease of use, great customer support, and free booking website for anyone getting started.

Many of the tools Bethany uses to create a personalized online and offline experience comes from AppSumo. Why get locked into a monthly contract for something you can pay for just once? Plus they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Think Differently Academy's learning portal provides an easy way to learn and think differently about freedom - all right at your fingertips! Bethany refers clients to their portal often. It's a fantastic place to connect and learn in between coaching sessions! 

Although Think Differently Academy is based out of Texas, Bob and Polly offer events year-round that bring high-quality training right to your home! Bethany highly recommends trying out one of their upcoming events (and maybe she will meet you there!). 

Bethany is Think Differently Trained and Certified (the very first class to graduate!). If you are in a helping profession of any kind, this training and certification opportunity will help you grow in new ways as you walk alongside and journey with others to real freedom. 

For established clients, use the booking page here to schedule your next session (you can also book 3 sessions and pay a discounted rate!). 

It's the mission of Step Out & Thrive to reach as many survivors as possible and through Christ free them to be the more God has created them to be. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please complete the online application. 

How has Step Out & Thrive Ministries impacted your life and relationships? Your testimony means so much! We would love to hear from you! 


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For clients beginning their coaching journey, please complete this form before our first meeting. This helps us begin on the same page and allows us to get established easily. 

This form is used to help you as a client chart your progress and review your session. Most clients find this helpful to use within 24 hours of their session and helps them stay on track in-between sessions. 

This form helps us use our time wisely. Before each session, complete this form so we can know where you want to go and what areas you especially want your time dedicated to resolving.