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Ready To Walk On Water?

I love Peter's experience of walking on the roaring sea with Jesus. But the thing is, Peter's story is often misunderstood. Do you have a step you need to take?

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You Were Born For This. Keep Playing

Every single day I would brush by an old brown piano in the living room. The sun would reflect off the body of the instrument. My heart would beat faster as I internally wrestled if it was safe to take a seat. If the house was empty or filled with others who were preoccupied, I could quietly pluck at the piano keys. God gifted me with the ability to sound out songs by ear. Some, like my husband, can masterfully read music simultaneously moving all ten fingers correctly.

I don’t have that gift.

I pluck.

I pluck slowly and with my left hand.

I smile as my hand seems to know exactly where the next correct note is located.

I hit wrong keys, a lot.

But my soul is filled when I pluck away. This is my time with my Abba Father as I sit with Him, tinkering the keys and swaying to worship music. I can’t really even explain it here – it just takes me to another place. His sweet embrace.

You don’t have to hit all the right notes for God to use you. 

The Foundation For A Better Life put together a large campaign of inspirational commercials back in the 2000’s. One specifically replayed continually in my mind. Perhaps you’ve seen it?

You can’t watch that and not cry – even if its just a little. Right?

As I watch the little boy in this video, everything within me yearns to be more like him.

I want my life to radiate experiences like that moment with my Abba Father.

I want to lean close to His chest, play my tinkering song that He places in their heart and together make a glorious sound.

I want to actively see, touch and experience His overwhelming presence when I offer my song to Him.

God used this little boy to remind me that:

  • This “concert” isn’t mine.

When I watch this video, I think about the little boy with his 5 loves of bread and 2 fish in John 6. Do you really think it was shocking to Jesus that a boy offered his lunch? No, He knew that this boy’s small, tinkering offering would unite a crescendo of a miracle. A miracle that belonged to Jesus. So many times I put all of this unnecessary pressure on my “performance” in this world. The Truth of the matter is, if we are allowing God to use us even through our weakness, nobody is really even looking at us – they are focused on Him.

  • Curiosity is a good thing.

Asking questions allows us to know God better. The boy in the commercial most likely has a brain wired similar to mine. My mind is always “on” with more questions than answers. The only way we can get to the answers is to search, try, experience and ask. The boy did not just accidentally find the piano bench. He saw a sign. He noticed others were not going in that direction. He wondered why. He followed. He searched the area. He found the piano. He wondered what it sounded like. He plucked a key. He was hooked. Questions and curiosity are both good things. We should never age out of learning and trusting God as He lays new adventures on our hearts. How else would Peter have found himself walking on water with Jesus (Matthew 14:22-33)? Someone has to be brave and get out of the boat first. Might as well be you!

  • I need to keep playing.

I found it interesting that in the video, the boy began tinkering happily as the curtain was slowly drawn back. When it was just him focusing on the piano, life was good. He was in that soul-filling place. But suddenly the movement from the audience alerted him to the reality that he was no longer alone. Judgment quickly crept in. At that exact instant, the amazing pianist came behind the boy and told him four profound words, “Don’t stop. Keep playing.” The boy did and a masterpiece was made. Are you too focused on those in the crowd?

We are so quick to tell ourselves that our tinkering doesn’t matter. But wait.

If the show doesn’t belong to us and if God has given us these gifts that bring our curious hearts closer to Him, Who’s voice really matters?

Bethany, come close to Me and I will come close to you. (James 4:8a)


When we draw near to Him, we renew our focus and our source of strength.

The closer I get to Him, the more I simply can’t leave Him while playing the curious love song He has placed in my heart. The song He knows will be His masterpiece.

He makes my song worth playing. I play as I breathe in His presence. I play as He takes my “twinkle” and blends it into a life-changing melody. He makes every note sing long after my final encore.

I will keep playing – with Him, for Him and through Him.



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What is the song He has put on your heart? Are you still playing for Him and with Him?


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