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Ready To Walk On Water?

I love Peter's experience of walking on the roaring sea with Jesus. But the thing is, Peter's story is often misunderstood. Do you have a step you need to take?

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Whom Shall I Fear

Our Songs of Praise Series continues as we prepare for Resurrection Sunday!


The song on my heart to share with you today has become my battle-cry over the past few years.


I heard this song spontaneously on the radio after I had a very difficult appointment with my OB doctor discussing my high-risk pregnancy with our third child.


My lips worshiped with this song just hours before I found out I would lose my job.


I had this song on repeat as we waited to see where God would lead our family next after we lost our house and both of our jobs.


From my youngster’s first medical procedure at just a few weeks old to watching him ride away on the school bus, this song has carried me to the throne of our Mighty, always in-control God.


But before I can share the words, I need to point you to God’s Word. You see, each lyric is based right out of a day in the life of Elisha.


Elisha was a Prophet (or called a “Man of God”). Elisha had such an intimate relationship with God that He told Elisha what He was going to do. In the portion of scripture below, Elisha was literally telling the king of Israel where the king of Aram was going to attack so that Israel could prepare. In anger, the king of Aram called for Elisha’s capture and sent his vast army to surround the city where Elisha was staying. As Elisha’s servant woke-up the next morning, he was completely caught by surprise and fear to see the city surrounded (and wouldn’t we honestly have the same reaction?). Read the entire story for yourself below (and for fun, I’m using The Message translation today):


One time when the king of Aram was at war with Israel, after consulting with his officers, he said, “At such and such a place I want an ambush set.” The Holy Man sent a message to the king of Israel: “Watch out when you’re passing this place, because Aram has set an ambush there.” So the king of Israel sent word concerning the place of which the Holy Man had warned him. This kind of thing happened all the time. The king of Aram was furious over all this. He called his officers together and said, “Tell me, who is leaking information to the king of Israel? Who is the spy in our ranks?” But one of his men said, “No, my master, dear king. It’s not any of us. It’s Elisha the prophet in Israel. He tells the king of Israel everything you say, even what you whisper in your bedroom.” The king said, “Go and find out where he is. I’ll send someone and capture him.” The report came back, “He’s in Dothan.” Then he dispatched horses and chariots, an impressive fighting force. They came by night and surrounded the city.  Early in the morning a servant of the Holy Man got up and went out. Surprise! Horses and chariots surrounding the city! The young man exclaimed, “Oh, master! What shall we do?” He said, “Don’t worry about it—there are more on our side than on their side.”Then Elisha prayed, “O God, open his eyes and let him see.” The eyes of the young man were opened and he saw. A wonder! The whole mountainside full of horses and chariots of fire surrounding Elisha! When the Arameans attacked, Elisha prayed to God, “Strike these people blind!” And God struck them blind, just as Elisha said. Then Elisha called out to them, “Not that way! Not this city! Follow me and I’ll lead you to the man you’re looking for.” And he led them into Samaria. As they entered the city, Elisha prayed, “O God, open their eyes so they can see where they are.” God opened their eyes. They looked around—they were trapped in Samaria! When the king of Israel saw them, he said to Elisha, “Father, shall I massacre the lot?”  “Not on your life!” said Elisha. “You didn’t lift a hand to capture them, and now you’re going to kill them? No sir, make a feast for them and send them back to their master.” So he prepared a huge feast for them. After they ate and drank their fill he dismissed them. Then they returned home to their master. The raiding bands of Aram didn’t bother Israel anymore.  2 Kings 6:8-23


What an amazing moment that must have been for Elisha but also his servant!

The circumstance was hard.

Hope was at an end.

It looked like all was lost.

But God was the only focus for Elisha. He chose to see God’s presence rather than the threats of man. He chose to enter in to the Promise God sang over him rather than the fear of his servant. Because of Elisha’s faith and focus, he was able to share what he saw with his servant. Lives were literally being transformed on the spot!


I want this kind of faith.

The faith that does more than give physical sight, but the kind of faith that chooses only to see the world through the eyes of Jesus. 

I want the kind of faith that I want to share with others.

I want the kind of faith that others want and can only dream about!

I believe our God is living and active. I want to live a life that is as exciting as He is! 

Bonus – God saved the Israelites without a single loss of life on their side or the king of Aram’s side (this was not normally the way battles ended unfortunately). God declared victory in a huge way.


I have no clue what your physical eyes see today. But can I issue a challenge?

God wants you to see more than whatever it is that you are facing.

He wants you to see more than just depression, more than the fear of joblessness, more than the sight of a struggling marriage, more than a deep financial hole, more than cancer, more than disabilities more than pain…


God wants you to see Him, surrounding your city and declaring victory. I know you may find it hard to see Him right now, but He is with you. Just as Elisha prayed for the eyes of his servant to be opened, I am praying for your eyes to be opened to what God is doing in and through your life right now. 


You are not a mistake.

You are seen.

You are accepted. 

You are loved. 


The worship song for this week is “Whom Shall I Fear” by Chris Tomlin. Allow the words of this song to wash over you today.


I love learning how songs come to life! Chris shares more about this song in this video:


Dare to do more than just survive, step out and thrive!


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Are you up against a difficult circumstance today? How do you need to see God through your current situation?

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Hello and welcome to Step Out And Thrive Ministries! My name is Bethany Boring and I am proud to be called a child of God before any other title or role. I am a mom to 3 amazing boys. I enjoy writing for this Step Out And Thrive community and walking with you as we venture through the ups and downs of life together. I am an ICF trained Certified Professional Christian Life Coach (Christian Coach Institute Graduate), Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, mentor, Certified Human Behavioral Consultant (DISC Personality) and an author. As always - dare to do more than just survive, step out and thrive!

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Anita Ojeda says March 22, 2018

Amen! Thank you for this powerful reminder that when God is for us, who can be against us? We don’t have to fear, because even if we don’t understand God’s ways, we can know that he has his reasons.

    Bethany says March 22, 2018

    Amen!! Yes!! Thank you!

Sarah Lango says March 22, 2018

LOVED this. I have often worshiped with this song as well. Thank you for sharing.

    Bethany says March 22, 2018

    Glad you love this song too! I listened to it this morning literally on repeat! 🙂

Karen Sebastian-Wiurth says March 23, 2018

Love this! thanks for the inspiration and challenge!

    Bethany says March 28, 2018

    You are welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

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