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Ready To Walk On Water?

I love Peter's experience of walking on the roaring sea with Jesus. But the thing is, Peter's story is often misunderstood. Do you have a step you need to take?

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When You Can’t Hear God’s Voice

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I caught my youngest child in an intense battle with Siri. All he wanted was Elmo. That was it. How hard could it possibly be for a technological genius to understand a 2 year-old voice? Well, click the video below to find out!

Let’s face it, we have all been in a similar situation like this one here. Granted, Siri completely misunderstands my “so-not-even-close-to-toddler-age” voice, but I’m going deeper here. Ready?

What do you do when you feel like you have cried out to God continually, only to be left in silence? Those moments where everything is on the line, your life has hit a crossroads, the entire world hinges on your next move…and you hear nothing from God.

I know you’ve been here and yes, I’ve been here myself too. 

It’s in these battles of silence that we sometimes fall into our own negative self-thought pattern.

We begin to believe that we are truly alone…

that God doesn’t care or that leap of faith we were on the verge of taking could be the dumbest risk ever.

I mean honestly, who do you think you are? 


And that’s exactly where our enemy wants us to sit and stay.

In the silence.

Entrapped by our negative thoughts.

Not moving forward.

Not believing.

Not a threat to anyone.

We simply resort to living “as-is” instead of thriving as His.

It’s time to fill the silence with His Truth. Who’s with me?

File Mar 09, 11 22 03 PM

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Here are 2 practical strategies to hear God’s voice in your silent moments

  1. Go to your life scriptures. You do have a few of these passages that immediately remind you of the moments God spoke to you in ways you never dreamed possible. If you don’t have a collection of verses like this, well my friend, this is your lucky day! Don’t think fancy – think practical. Make sure they are ready and accessible when you need them in these silent storms. But don’t just read these powerful passages to yourself. Stop and say them OUT LOUD. Yes, in-between the anger, the tears, the fear…say His Word out loud to yourself. Even better, add your name to these passages and say them out loud. Make it personal. Make it real.
    1. Make a deck of note cards with your go-to passages and place them in your nightstand.
    2. Use a dry-erase marker and write verses on your bathroom mirror (there is power seeing your reflection in the same view as His Word).
    3. Tech Gals – Start putting your passages in Evernote and “tag” them with a feeling or emotion. Example John 3:16 may be tagged as “hope, love, Savior.” When you reach that moment of desperation, all you need is a word to type in to bring up all of the verses you have tagged (I use this method and I am planning a tutorial soon)
  2. Go to your playlist. That’s right – you know you have those songs that speak Truth and hope in such a deep way that they just get you moving? Yes, friends, I am talking about the songs that go deep and help you trust wide. Take a few days to just make a list of the songs that inspire you and encourage you the most. Then, take action! Get the songs into a folder and onto the devices you use the most. A few ideas here:
    1. Your phone: If you have a smartphone make it work for you. Add this playlist before downloading your next app.
    2. In the car: We have all been here and I know I’m not the only one! As moms, we have breakdowns alone in our minivan. We do and why not be prepared? If your radio works with your phone, you are set if you have followed advice from step 1. If not, be bold and make a CD to have ready to go. Just be careful where you put it and how you title it (hence, do not put “Elmo” anywhere in the title area).
    3. Ask around: I actually stop during church sometimes to write down the lyrics to a song that I want to google later. Many times, its fun to ask others what songs they have added to their top playlists. Here’s another eye-opener, God can use any song to speak to us (one of my list is “Reflections” by Christina Agulara from the movie Mulan). Don’t just ask for the song, ask for the story behind the lyrics. You will see God in a new way, I promise!

I asked my Facebook friends to share their favorite meaningful songs and I have included many of the songs mentioned below. Maybe this will get you started! (TO MY EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS – please click the title of this email to visit this week’s blog post and view the videos below if they fail to appear in your email).

You can do this!

Dare to do more than just survive, stand out and THRIVE!


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Nancy Silvers says March 10, 2016

Love this Bethany, I’m in a place of seeking, I know God is hearing my prayers and desire for guidance and wisdom. The problem lies within me, I have not allowed myself to hear what He is telling me because it will take me way out of my comfort zone. Moving closer each day to stepping to all He has planned for me, long before I was conceived.
I love your son!! Let him know I’ve had some interesting conversations with Siri too and I love all these songs!! I think I need to figure out how to download songs and what it means to have a “playlist”! Time for the old gal to learn some new things!! Love you sweet sister!!

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