Dare To Do More Than Just Survive. Step Out And THRIVE!

"I laughed and cried all within minutes of one another. Bethany doesn't just tell you the story - you become part of her story!"  -Debbie M. 

"I love speaking out of my passion for change. I believe we are called to do much more in this life than just survive. God has equipped us to thrive in an all-out way. I can't speak without going all-out in my message as well"  -Bethany

Bethany has a passion for sharing her story and God's Promises in a new, fresh way. Bethany has received invitations to speak at church gatherings (retreats, youth, women's, leadership and family events), youth soccer leagues, hospitals, Toastmaster meetings, business launches and even online ministry conferences. She naturally adds humor, visuals and compelling stories to every message. Bethany says that she "strives to be real, going deeper and allowing God's Word to linger long after my words end."

Below you will find crafted messages Bethany has delivered previously. Bethany also really enjoys crafting something new and different for your specific needs and occasion.


Made For More: Is it really possible to hear God's voice in your everyday life? Have you ever taken the time to discover your God-given spiritual gifts? Do you ever struggle connecting with coworkers or family members and wonder what is going on under the surface? Does your life seem to spin out of control at a second's notice? Would you like more clarity around who God created you to be? This workshop was designed for you to dive deeper into your relationship with God by discovering your strongholds, claiming your spiritual gifts, understanding your personality type (and the personalities of those you live and work with), define your key life values and even design your life verse. This workshop can be facilitated live in-person or online. Bethany has completed this workshop in various formats with leadership teams, parents, church groups and administrative settings. Please contact Bethany personally for more information. 


Go Beyond The Music And Under The Mask: When was the last time you listened purposefully to the song playing deep in your heart? That song that dictates your reactions, dreams and goals? How can you allow others to hear your song? First, you must take off your mask. Discover how in this powerful talk about using vulnerability as a strength.

Slow Down: Life is beyond fast. In fact, do we even know how to slow down, let alone stop? Find out key ways you can implement right now to help slow you down, regain focus and make the biggest impact with your time.

Get Wet: Sure, you can spend your entire life on dry land. But that's boring! Especially if you are like Peter wanting to walk on water. Experience seeing your reflection in the midst of life's biggest waves. Understand what it takes to really walk on water through the storms in life. Bring a towel, because you will get wet!

Don't You Dare Call Me Disabled!: In this talk, I share openly about my journey through vision-impairment, hearing-loss, living with a short right arm, double brain cancer and even a pacemaker procedure at age 30. Disabilities were never meant to limit anyone, but able everyone through Christ! Let's chat.

As-Is To As His: Can God really use me exactly like I am right now? Yes and this could be your finest hour. Learn how our "as-is" mentality can keep us from enjoying an amazingly full like as His children.

(Above) I am a Toastmasters International Confident Communicator. I won 2nd place in the District 84 Humorous Speech Contest (2014), 2nd Place in the District 84 Table Topics Contest (2015) and a district level International Speech finalist (2015). 

Turn Disappointments Into Appointments: We will have disappointments in this life. There is just no way around it. How do you deal with disappointments? What if every disappointment was actually an appointment set aside with God? Learn how to take-on and rise above life disappointments in a new way.

Scapegoats: Sometimes we carry huge burdens that we were never meant to take on. Do real life scapegoats exist today? Just look in the mirror. Learn how the tradition started, warning signs and how to truly gain freedom in Christ.

God Doesn't Make Mistakes, But We Do: Sometimes we feel like a mistake. Sometimes our entire lives can feel like a mistake. but we know God never makes mistakes. How is this possible? How can this be part of God's plan? Listen and find out.

Get Present With Your Past: God never intended for you to relive your past through your present. But your thoughts naturally go there - to the very places you wish you could change. How do we keep our past where it belongs so we can fully enjoy the present? Keep listening!

Riding On His Shoulders: Have you ever felt lost in a place too far for God to reach? What if He was closer than you thought? The Shepherd not only searches and rescues lost sheep, but He places them in a prized position, on His shoulders. Come experience the best seat in town.

How Can I Trust God When I Don't Trust Others?" Is it even possible to trust God and not fully trust others? We dive into this question by taking a look into Jesus' interaction with a man that asked this very question.​

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