Step Out & Thrive Ministries with Bethany Boring
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Shoulder To Shoulder Invitation



As much as I would love to sit across the table with each one of you, it’s just not possible. I have a heart for community and reaching out to inspire others. Because my blog is very public, I wanted to create a more personal option to connect with me through a monthly newsletter, allowing you the option to reply through email and write into my anytime one-on-one. This newsletter titled, “Shoulder-To-Shoulder” will not only add a bit of inspiration to your week, but it will keep you up to date on my speaking opportunities, life coaching openings and book project releases! Plus, of course, you will get a better glimpse into our “Boring” world of excitement (pictures included). To accept this personal invitation, please add your name and email below. I look forward to emailing with you soon!


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