Step Out Introductory Coaching Package


This unique coaching package is the combination of the Introductory Enneagram Coaching session with the Clarity coaching session, but for new clients only! You save over $30! It’s a great way to get started and receive coaching on a current issue you may be struggling with right now. I can’t wait to personally connect with you!


You are a brand new client. You are in a tight spot and honestly, you just need to feel understood, know that you are not alone, work on strategies to move forward and finally have someone to pray with and for you. Friend, this is what Step Out & Thrive Ministries is all about!

This unique coaching package combines the Enneagram assessment with the Clarity coaching session. After purchasing this package, you will be invited to take the enneagram assessment. I will personally contact you through email to arrange a 60-90 minute session where we can dive into your personality, strengths, struggles and the story God is writing in your life. You will receive a comprehensive enneagram report, a PDF outlining your personal enneagram type along with steps you can take to strengthen your relationship with God and others. Plus you will be considered an established client and part of the Step Out & Thrive Ministries community which means you will receive exclusive pricing for future coaching sessions, group coaching programs, and online courses!


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