You are God's Masterpiece.

It's time to start living like you believe it.

Use the Survivor To Thriver Handbook to share your story and change lives today.

Are you a survivor or a thriver?

Thrivers Go UnMasked

It's the book that started the movement. Have you read UnMasked: The Journey from Surviving to Thriving yet?

Read the first chapter for FREE.

Thrivers Take Risks

You believe God is calling you to something big, but fear is holding you back. You are not alone. 

Listen to Bethany's live Reflections message and  grab the courage you need to take that next step. Yes, the mp3 is FREE!

Thrivers Move Forward

Your story is God's story. Here's how to begin the process of sharing a piece of your heart without giving all of you away. 

Allow your piece to be God's Masterpiece. Grab your FREE handbook and let's get started!

How would life be different if you could see the Masterpiece God is creating in you?

Bethany Boring:

Child of God

Certified Professional Life Coach

Certified Human Behavioral Consultant

Author of UnMasked: The Journey from Surviving to Thriving 

Inspirational Speaker

Ready to start your new masterpiece?

Begin by downloading the resource I made specifically for those of us who want more out of life. Imagine having the ability to start sharing the message God has burning in your heart. Who would you share your story with first? What lives could be forever changed because you allowed God to live through your life? 

It all starts here. Let's walk together.

Grab your paintbrush and let's get started! 

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