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Ready To Walk On Water?

I love Peter's experience of walking on the roaring sea with Jesus. But the thing is, Peter's story is often misunderstood. Do you have a step you need to take?

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Dear Writer, Your Scribbles Are Valuable

I’ll never forget the day my 5-year-old jolted past the after-school snack on our counter with his prized masterpiece flapping around violently in his hand. As his older brothers looked on, he very carefully straightened his art on our fridge, pushing their awards off to the side to make room for his new addition. After a bit of momma rearranging, everyone had their claim to fridge real-estate and prevented World War 12 from breaking out amongst our tribes. 

 I know what you are thinking “Cute!” The scribbles of our little kids are indeed “cute” for a while…in our little circle…when nobody is really looking. The thing is, I left it up for weeks; until friends came. While my kiddo was busy playing, I quietly began removing the magnets from his artwork. (Moms, you know you have been here too!). 

And that’s when God began to work.


I’ve been struggling a lot lately in the area of comparison – especially in the blogger world. In the forever orbiting planet of lead magnets and SEO and inspirational quotes galore – Y’all, it’s just completely overwhelming (and if you are reading this wondering what language this is all in…just be glad you don’t understand!). 

I found myself really getting honest with God and asking:

“God, there are so many other amazing writers out there. These women have much bigger budgets, more published books and staff handling all the other parts of their writing dreams. I’m just me, sitting here at my computer listening to the leaking faucet and the laundry spinning. I’m not good enough. I can’t compete in this arena.”

All the scriptures in the world couldn’t change my mindset that week (trust me Y’all, I was reading HARD!). I knew my feelings were completely taking over my mindset, but I felt stuck. I was journaling, crying out to God and just waiting impatiently for something NEW from Him.

Days passed and honestly, nothing came. In fact, I even began to question if I was where God really wanted me to be. 

I didn’t want to be just another voice.

I no longer wanted to define myself on the number of subscribers or on how many likes my posts received on social media.

I wanted to just find value in the story God was writing inside of me to share with those He designed it for. I needed the burden of comparison gone – but it was everywhere. 

My email box was filled with offers to help me grow my email list and articles encouraging me to post no less than three times a week. My Facebook and Instagram are covered with posts from amazing women in ministry and ads promising me platform growth. I connect with friends who can’t help but offer ways to improve in order to be like the author they like and follow. I felt like I could not escape the reality that I just did not fit the current mold of a writer. 

I’m really good at not-fitting-in and perfectly find myself sticking-out. A short right arm, 3 boys, and boundless energy will do that to ya. Of course, my writing adventure would follow this pattern! 

Even though my mind was at war, I knew the best remedy would be to invite friends over for dinner and an evening of card games. To prepare (you know the drill) cleaning commences in full force. 

Returning to the fridge, I knew the surface needed to be cleaned so that we could at least grab the handle correctly. As I began to take the magnets off of my son’s artwork, a tear trickled from my eye. 

I stopped. 

I stepped back as God quietly whispered to my heart:

“Bethany, don’t you dare judge the artwork of one of My kids as not good enough. My kids create My Masterpieces. Look harder into his scribbles Bethany and you will see Me there. By the way, your scribbles sweet child are all over My fridge. I’m so proud of You.” 

Can I be honest? I hated that analogy of God having a fridge with my picture hanging on it. I’ve heard that sermon illustration so many times over the years and it just got to me. I wanted to know WHICH picture God had of me and WHERE He had it on His fridge? Was I right-side-up or upside-down? Was it the picture of me picking my nose or of me headed to prom? I mean – seriously?! (You can see now why I have more questions in my life than answers). 

As I stood there with a magnet in my hand and the edge of my son’s artwork peering off the surface of the fridge, something inside of me changed. Suddenly, I had no questions but an answer to wrestle through. 

God really caught me off guard. Yet His message was exactly what my hurting comparison-filled heart needed.

Friends, your scribbles are needed. 

Your scribbles are exactly what He designed you to do for Him. 

Your scribbles allow others to see God in a fresh, new way. 

Our scribbles will always be seen as just that to us – but look harder sweet friends – look at how perfectly God created you and you will see God makes Masterpieces every single day.

I will continue offering my scribbles here until God moves me away. 

I will continue to see what I get to do for Him here as just that – a scribbled offering for my King.

I refuse to let numbers or the voices of man determine my artistic value. Instead, I will always find my worth in the Creator Himself. 

To all of my artist friends out there, you are not alone in this battle for significance and worth.

Scribble on friends and remember Who it is that created you to scribble beautifully.

Even before I made the world, I loved you Bethany, and chose you in Christ to be holy and without fault in My eyes. I decided in advance to adopt you into My family by bringing you to Myself through Jesus Christ. This is what I wanted to do, and it gives Me great pleasure. (Ephesians 1:4, 5 NLT)

Dare to do more than just survive, step out and thrive! 

Let’s Connect:

What are you scribbling on lately? How are you allowing God to use you? 



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