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Christmas Stones of Remembrance: Stone 4: A Baby And His Blanket

Thank you for joining our Stones of Remembrance Christmas series! Find the rest of the series HERE.

Some might call it cruel or unusual punishment for kids anxiously awaiting the excitement on Christmas morning. At our house, our kids wake-up in the same way as most families with younger children do in the United States. As sleep-deprived parents lay soundly asleep in their bed, the sounds of little feet hitting the tile floor awaken the family dog. Within minutes the entire family is up, wrapping paper goes flying and Christmas mayhem begins.


Most of that story is true for our house of three young boys. However, on Christmas Day, once a year, our family moves from 3 boys to 4.


Before our crew can dive into their gifts under the tree, they wrap their arms around Gabe’s final gift – baby Jesus in a special family blanket. (For more information on Gabe, see my previous post here).


On Christmas Eve, Gabe brings our family a white, scribbled-on blanket. Each “scribble” is a design or words from each of our boys sharing what God has done in year’s past. We call these “God Moments.” As each Christmas Eve arrives, our boys know the blanket will return and they have the only opportunity of the year to use permanent marker in our house! We gather around the kitchen table as they design their “Big God Moment” of the year.

One of my favorite designs on our family Christmas blanket is a simple word, “Home.” This was written by our oldest the first year we moved into our new house after a season of not having a home address at all. I remember him asking me, “Mom, God gave us the biggest present ever. How do you spell home?” This blanket helped transform our new house into a home of memories.



So this week, our family will be receiving the Christmas blanket from Gabe again. My boys will share their God Moments and the smell of marker will fill our house. They will place the blanket under the tree on Christmas Eve because they know by morning it will be used to keep baby Jesus warm. Every Christmas morning my boys appear wearing their new pajamas and bed hair from wrestling with their dreams of anticipation throughout the night. The first picture I take every Christmas morning is of our three boys holding baby Jesus under the tree. No gifts. No perfectly aligned hair. I’m sure our picture is not “Facebook worthy” yet it makes it on my timeline anyway.


You see, on Christmas morning, Jesus is cradled by all of the God Moments that have made our family valuable. It’s not about the gifts, the food or the Christmas tree. It’s about simply allowing our entire family to see that Jesus doesn’t just have a place in our home, but that He is continually speaking into and changing our lives.  


Each Christmas, the picture changes. The blanket fades a bit, but adds more memories. The doll surprisingly stays intact but my boys always grow taller. I’m sure there will come a day as my boys continue to age that they will fight me on taking this keepsake annual picture.

My hope is that they will see beyond the baby and his blanket.

My prayer is that they will always see God’s Fingerprints all over their lives. 

I want them to see God moving, speaking, chasing, holding, loving, walking and always being involved in their lives. If they can see Him like this, they receive the greatest gift ever given. 

God is moving! As we enter into this Holy Christmas week, may you experience His touch in a fresh new way.

May you see beyond the baby in a meager and see the Messiah who continues to move mountains in your life.


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Danielle says December 18, 2017

What a wonderful tradition! Little kids tend to focus on gifts and what they’re going to receive. It’s good to teach them to focus on God’s moments throughout the year. I like that idea; it’s foundational and important.

    Bethany says December 19, 2017

    Thank you Danielle! I believe we should always look for ways to instill God’s Truth into our kids – but especially at Christmas when the world seems to point them in another way. You have encouraged me so much through your comments! Thank you!

Lori says December 22, 2017

What a memory you are building for your family! Even if this tradition changes over the years, you are building a foundation of helping your boys focus on blessings from God. That is something they hopefully will never outgrow! Thanks for sharing!

    Bethany says December 22, 2017

    I love this Lori! I’ll be truthful, I swallow a bit harder each year as this Christmas morning picture is taken, but you are right, the foundation is being built. You are so encouraging! Thank you for adding value to the discussion this week!

Donna Miller says December 22, 2017

Your pictures are always FB worthy! Precious traditions with your boys. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Donna XOXO

    Bethany says December 22, 2017

    Thank you for the encouragement on my crazy momma photography skills 🙂 Love seeing you here friend! Merry Christmas!

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