The Christmas Stones of Remembrance Series

A few weeks ago, I shared with you 3 Needs You Need In Order To Walk On Water and they are:

  1. In order to walk on water, we needto fully recognize Who God is.
  2. In order to walk on water, we needto believe we are who God says that we are.
  3. In order to walk on water, we needto know deep within our being that we are never alone.

As we enter the Christmas season, I wanted to share in a much more personal level.

How we can have these three needs met purposefully during the craziness this month tends to bring? It’s time to get practical. Let’s cut into the “how-to” instead of beating around the bush (aint nobody got time for that right now!).

But I need to warn you. It won’t all be pretty and wrapped-up in a bow, but it will be practical ways God has led our family to walk Christmas out differently. Introducing the “Stones of Remembrance” Christmas series. Each post will present a practical way that we have seen God work through our lives through physical items of events that we participate in as a family. They help us remember Who God is and who we are. In seeing these items and traditions in our house it really helps me remember that I am never alone.