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Ready To Walk On Water?

I love Peter's experience of walking on the roaring sea with Jesus. But the thing is, Peter's story is often misunderstood. Do you have a step you need to take?

Listen to this message I gave at a women's retreat to gain the fresh perspective you need to see Jesus in a new way! My FREE gift to you!

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God Hold My Right Hand (First Place In The World?!)

In March of this year, I found myself standing in front of my webcam, facing a virtual audience of Toastmasters. With a less than the pristine kitchen in the background, I attempted a speech for our

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I See God In The Sunrise, Don’t You?

My feet shuffled against the wet, break-of-dawn darkened concrete. Running this early in the morning shatters every single code in the “Laws of Perfect Motherhood” playbook However, my heart

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How To Share Your Faith In Your Everyday

I remember the first time I was invited to join the evangelism team at our city bus stop. I had just completed a class all about how to share my faith, but…ummm…no. I did not feel God calling

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Christmas Stones of Remembrance: Stone 1 – The Annoying Singing Christmas Tree

A few weeks ago, I shared with you 3 Needs You Need In Order To Walk On Water and they are: In order to walk on water, we needto fully recognize Who God is. In order to walk on water, we needto believe

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Your Hidden Gift

I was a teenager alone in a dark bedroom with a flashlight and a pen. There was a fire burning deep within my soul to put my words and my thoughts to paper. In a quiet house filled with sleeping minds,

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#UnMaskedBook Launch Team

My finger just stopped. The mouse cursor taunted me as it hoovered over the “Post” button. Honestly, this was not that difficult of a task to complete, but my heart rate proved otherwise. Trust

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I Need You

I’ve been sharing on my Periscope videos this week, how excited I am about my recent War Room place. After watching the movie with friends late last week, my heart yearned for a little section of

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Wherever You Go

When my life was completely shattered during my battle with double brain tumors, I began to write in a way I never thought possible. I could care less what others thought of my words. Yet, my story was

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God Did It Again

A few weeks ago, I shared how our family seems to discover God’s fingerprints in the strangest places. When the van engine exhaled a deep sigh as it completely surrendered that afternoon in our

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Remember Your Maker

As a life coach, I believe God has placed a God-sized dream deep within the fabric of our DNA. This dream flows so easily from His creativity built right within us! Yet, so many do life, comfortable with

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