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Ready To Walk On Water?

I love Peter's experience of walking on the roaring sea with Jesus. But the thing is, Peter's story is often misunderstood. Do you have a step you need to take?

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A Really Good Day

My brain has been functioning pretty well today…and today was filled with activity!!

Slept through the entire night…this was a first since somewhere mid-February. Between leg pain from CIDP, upset stomach and getting sick from chemo, headaches from radiation and cold (plus the cold meds not agreeing with my oxycodone)…making it through the night asleep was really no small defeat. I was amazed! It felt great to get a complete nights rest…that alone can do wonders!!!

I got to drive Josh to his soccer game and watch the game too! This was the first time I really drove in a while…I did great (and really helped boost my confidence too). Watching Josh's team was SO much fun…especially after 5minutes into the game seeing Josh's entire tam lay down on the grass ready to give up. Yep…classic!

After the game, I was feeling pretty good and figured since I was out and had my helper with me, we would head to the church to do some setup for tomorrow. Josh helped me SO much! We made sure all of the rooms were ready, got the kids worship materials together and setup, made sure the check-in computers were running smoothly and even sorted through the HUGE stack of mail I had in the office! Steve was still going strong in worship practice, so I volunteered to pickup Caden from the sitter (no way was I trying to chase after Caden and try to watch Josh's game without Steve!!).

After picking Caden up, all of the family met back at the house for lunch. I'm still not really eating breakfast or lunch…and truthfully, today I ended up collapsing when I got home! Josh wanted me to put him down for a nap…one hour later I woke-up with him sound asleep holding on to my shoulder. I thought about just staying there, but I remembered the UK game was on (insert second wind here). What a game!!

Later on, Steve and I decided to use our Applebee's gift card and just go out and enjoy dinner as a family. Both boys did great! I ordered the Oriental Chicken Salad (the half portion) and ate as much as I could…there was still a good bit left, but I felt like I left my mark…and really ENJOYED a meal! It was really fun and uneventful…I REALLY enjoyed being out again!

We got home, threw the boys in the tub (well, Steve did that…I helped find pajamas and towels) and played in Josh's room before bed. There is just something surreal about the entire family…Steve, myself and the boys, playing on the floor, rolling around and laughing together. It has been a LONG time since I've been on the floor with the boys…it was a perfect ending to the day!

I'm excited to go to church tomorrow! It's my first Sunday in over a month! I have decided to wear my UK hat…it just feels right after our second victory over the Gators today!! This is payback from football season!!! I never really wore hats much when I had hair…now everyone says I look great in hats. Ill enjoy it…but I can't wait to start choosing hairstyles again!

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Hello and welcome to Step Out And Thrive Ministries! My name is Bethany Boring and I am proud to be called a child of God before any other title or role. I am a mom to 3 amazing boys. I enjoy writing for this Step Out And Thrive community and walking with you as we venture through the ups and downs of life together. I am an ICF trained Certified Professional Christian Life Coach (Christian Coach Institute Graduate), Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, mentor, Certified Human Behavioral Consultant (DISC Personality) and an author. As always - dare to do more than just survive, step out and thrive!

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