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Heading to Ukraine June 2018! Join in the journey! 
Love More in Ukraine 2018

​"Love More."

These 2 simple words have already made a huge difference in my heart this year. 

In June, I'm joining a team that will be showing love to children and adults in Ukraine. We will be visiting hospitals, orphanages, schools and churches in the area sharing Christ.

My passion for Ukraine stems from the reality that most children with disabilities are permanently placed in state-run orphanages. Most children know that their parents are living. I can't imagine living like this. I know what it is like to live a life with physical challenges. But I also know the love our Father lavishes on all of His children - regardless of our circumstances. I want the families (mothers, fathers, sons and daughters) to see their immeasurable value through the eyes of Christ.

Love More goes.

Love More trusts God

Love More watches God speak

Love More dare to do more than just survive.

Love More only wants to step out and thrive. 

Join the journey.

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